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Light Rail In the Theater District

You may find yourself sharing lanes with trains! Cars, trains, bikes and buses will all share the south lane on Rusk and on Capitol. You can still make left and right turns like you do now on those streets. Just pay attention to the signs and signals, and make sure you know where the trains are.

Light Rail Trains:

  • Trains will run approximately every 6 minutes.
  • Provide easy Theater District access to riders on the Red, Purple or Green light rail lines.

It is important to know:

  • Trains will share a traffic lane with vehicles exiting the Hobby Center Garage on Rusk.
  • Trains will share a traffic lane on Rusk and Capitol throughout downtown. There are several entrances to Theater District parking garages on these two streets.
  • When you are walking to the Hobby Center, please notice whether you are crossing rail lines.

Watch for updates on Downtown light rail:

Light rail may be relatively new to Houston, but it is here to stay. Enjoy what it has to offer. And be safe out there.