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Around the World with Musiqa

Field Trip Performance & In-School Workshop | Grades 2-4

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“Around the World with Musiqa” is an innovative, multi-media, interactive concert that illustrates how folk songs and the shared music of a community can be transferred by a composer into something rooted in tradition yet vividly personal. Winner of four awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, Musiqa’s acclaimed show returns for its eighth season. The multimedia, interactive program introduces students to folk songs from around the world and shows how composers bring the shared music of a community to life in imaginative ways. Features a stellar cast of performers, led by soprano Karol Bennett. Lighting design by Thom Guthrie. Includes surtitles, so the students can follow along and sing with the lyrics. No previous musical experience required. Includes a CD and DVD for every classroom.