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B.A.P.S Live!

Nov 13, 2020 - Nov 14, 2020
Je'Caryous Johnson Foundation / Sarofim Hall

Famed writer/director/producer Je'Caryous Johnson is back bringing your favorite movie classics to the stage. This time he's rolling out the royal carpet for an incomparable revamp of the modern urban fairytale, BAPs

Join the hoodtastic duo Nisi and Mickey as their entrepreneurial dreams quickly turn into a royal reality when the nephew of a dying elder millionaire offers them $25,000 to make his last days as painless as possible. Quickly their black girl magic turns the ailing millionaire into a vibrant man causing him to praise them as his very own Black American Princesses. But when their new title turns into a battle for the millionaires, estate Nisi and Mickey are forced to find out if true royalty is inherited, bought or earned.

Come see the stage play featuring the original BAP Natalie Desselle Reid and Jasmin Brown a/k/a Toya Turnup.

Please note: No children under 5 will be allowed