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Venetian Carnival

Dec 31, 2019
Ars Lyrica / Zilkha Hall

On New Year’s Eve 2019, Ars Lyrica celebrates the legacy of Antonio Vivaldi and his Venetian predecessors with a program of virtuosic concertos for flute and equally flamboyant works for one, two, and three solo violins.

The virtuosity required by these compositions is as dizzying as the rapid evolution of the music itself. While Vivaldi and violin go together in our ears like champagne and New Year’s, these composers were smashing the boundaries of instrumental music as instruments evolved and tastes broadened beyond sacred vocal music. With hidden echoes, unusual instrumental pairings, and two generations of music by Italian masters, this program of instrumental fireworks performed by sensationally talented artists will be worthy of a midnight toast.

Soloists: Alana Youssefian and Elizabeth Blumenstock, violins; Colin St-Martin, traverso

Pre-Concert Dinner: 7:30pm
Venetian Carnival Concert: 9:00pm
Post-Concert Party: 10:30pm

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