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Discovery Sensory Friendly Series


The Discovery Sensory Friendly Series is designed to create a welcoming and supportive environment for individuals on the autism spectrum or other sensory sensitivities and their families. Accommodations are made to allow for a more relaxed and inclusive experience.

House rules are relaxed and include accommodations such as:

• The theatre will not be filled to capacity, providing extra space
• Patrons will be allowed to get up, move around and leave at any time
• iPads and other electronics for therapeutic use are allowed
• House lights will remain on at a low level during the performance
• Sudden loud sounds or startling moments will be signaled in advance
• Quiet and activity areas are provided in the lobby
• Lobby monitors to allow patrons to continue watching the performance
• Trained volunteers on hand to assist with patron needs and requests
• Social story and other support materials provided as preparation for a visit to the theater

Listed below are the performances that were part of the 2019-2020 Discovery Sensory Friendly Series. Click on a link to find details about the performance and curriculum guides. We look forward to welcome students and performers back to Zilkha Hall very soon!