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Love Jones, The Musical


Feb 2, 2017 - Feb 4, 2017
Sarofim Hall

What happens after love at first sights? That's exactly what we find out as Tank, Coko, Dave Hollister, Raheem DeVaughn, MC Lyte, Michel'le and more join forces to tell the classic and iconic love story of Darius and Nina in Love Jones, the Musical.

Set in Chicago, Darius and Nina's lives collide in spectacular fashion in the upscale night club, Sanctuary, where an unassuming open mic event, quickly turns into an explosive spoken word give and take that leaves the audience speechless. Through some quick thinking, and a bit of luck, Darius manages to turn the tables with a brilliant performance of his own, and with that we are off and running in this fact paced, witty, visually stunning adaptation of the coming of age love story that captured the hearts, minds and souls of an entire generation.

From the moment they lay eyes on each other, Darius and Nina's lives are turned upside down. Their mutual attraction is obvious but neither of them is ready for "the real thing." She's just gotten out of a relationship and isn't sure if she is really ready to move on. He has decided to pursue his dream of becoming a writer and needs to focus on his career.

As much and as hard as they try and fight it, neither of them can resist what is pulling them together. It's a passion, and obsession… a Jones that comes along once in a life time.