Musiqa Remix

Field Trip Performance &  Workshop | Grades 3-8

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Your students have been invited to an interactive lecture by an acclaimed music professor at Zilkha Hall. But the Professor is late and two impostors try to take his place. Can they run the "tune collider," give the harmony a "make-over" and keep the "beat box" from exploding? Produced in collaboration with the Alley Theatre, Musiqa takes students inside of pieces of music to show how they're put together. State-of-the-art digital animation helps visually reinforce the concepts. A stellar cast of performers is led by soprano Karol Bennett and actors Sean Patrick Judge and Briana Resa. Original music by Musiqa composers Karim Al-Zand, Anthony Brandt, Pierre Jalbert, Marcus Maroney and Rob Smith. Directed by Joe-Angel Babb from a script by Andrew Hager. Digital design by Andrew Zukoski, lighting design by Nic Philips. Includes surtitles, so the students can follow along and sing with the lyrics. No previous musical experience required. Includes a CD for every classroom. Musiqa's educational programs have been awarded four consecutive grants from the National Endowment for the Arts.