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Upcoming Shows

An Interview With God

May 23, 2020
Delsue Welch Entertainment / Zilkha Hall

Delsue Welch is an established playwright in Houston Texas, and is now bringing to you another breath- taking stage play called “ An Interview with God.”

“An Interview with God” is an upcoming stage play from the stables of Delsue Welch Entertainment (DWE). The production is in line with DWE’s goal of delivering and presenting educational, spiritual, family-oriented, and socially relevant presentations for public consumption, to be “Entertained with a Message.”

The play is about a God-fearing and close knit family, whose moral values are tested to the limit because of the inevitable changing of morality; which tears the family apart. The rapidly changing of morality causes many of us to the play Russian Roulette with our souls and even religion leaders have turned a blind eye to the matter; therefore, “An Interview with God,” warns that “Time is Running Out,” so take your pick, either Heaven or Hell.