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Man Overboard!


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Aug 23, 2019 - Aug 24, 2019
NobleMotion Dance / Zilkha Hall

NobleMotion Dance delivers raw physicality and visually alluring worlds in Man Overboard!

The evening is comprised of four distinct works featuring cutting-edge collaborations with Artificial Intelligence, industrial designers, and media artists. In Prometheus, NobleMotion enters unknown territory as it collaborates with A.I. in this groundbreaking exploration of man vs. machine. Tower features 33 dancers and builds in unrelenting waves until it finally rains on stage. The political satire, I approve this message, is set in the Renaissance era and offers a witty and subversive look at the indulgence of power. And Unsinkable employs three large rocking set pieces that resemble ship masts in a storm. Dancers are propelled, tossed, and catapulted through the air as they work together to right the ship.