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Aug 24, 2018 - Aug 25, 2018
NobleMotion Dance / Zilkha Hall

Fall into a Vortex with NobleMotion Dance as they celebrate their 10-year anniversary with a new evening of heart-pumping, thought-provoking dance. Flying drones, pole-vaulting set pieces, and live-feed technology are a few of the highlights.

NobleMotion, named Houston’s Best Dance Company, showcases everything from kinetic patriotism in its world premiere Unsinkable, to a dark world run by technology in Drone. NMD even gets a little crunk in 9/tenths of the Law and shows its endearing side in Suite Nostalgia.

And as always, you can count on NobleMotion to deliver physically exciting and visually alluring dances. Vortex will intoxicate your senses and leave you dizzy with adrenaline!

All Vortex photos by Lynn Lane