How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying


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Oct 25, 2016 - Nov 6, 2016
Theatre Under The Stars / Sarofim Hall

Who knew the key to success could be found in a simple self-help manual? That's Ponty Finch's secret, as he climbs his way from window washer to the top of the World Wide Wicket Company in just two weeks.

Page by page, scheme by scheme, rung by rung, we find ourselves rapidly ascending the corporate ladder with Finch (that's F-I-N-C-H), while his grinning gal pal Rosemary tries to keep him from rising ruthlessly out of control. This singing satire whisks audiences through the superficial splendor of corporate America and teaches how to exercise bold caution, land the perkiest secretary, and find your name on the door quicker'n you can say "nepotism." Wonderfully colorful and full of good, pointed fun, we'd venture to say it has all the makings for success.

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