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Renaissance Rock

Field Trip Performance & In-School Workshop | Grades 1-12

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Renaissance Rock introduces K-12 students to period dances plus an array of period instruments including recorders, shawms, crumhorns, and bagpipes. Both are interactive in nature and designed to connect children intellectually and physically with an earlier culture. Immerse your students in Renaissance culture through the music and dance of the time! The Shepherd School Crumhorn Collective gives a broad picture of the Renaissance era via a "mixed concert" presentation with lively Renaissance dance tunes intended for various combinations of 500 year old wind instruments. Students participate by suggesting and hearing different groupings of instruments and by actually learning simple Renaissance dances, which will deepen their understanding of an earlier culture by allowing them to connect both intellectually and physically with popular music of the day.

*This performance includes an introduction and history of the recorder. Therefore, we strongly suggest those districts that incorporate the recorder into their curriculum try to include those grade levels currently studying the instrument.