You'll Never Be Alone


Aug 10, 2012
Lunge Dance Collective / Zilkha Hall

"You'll Never Be Alone" is going to be remembered as the film that changed history! Join us for the world's first talking picture and experience the action, romance, terror, drama, mystery and even technological self-destruction, as we dive into the dark and sometimes humorous mind of Dr. Caligari.

Is he our hero or villian? No one, not even his self, is sure. Dr. Caligari introduces us to this world where we see only what is spelled out for us in black and white.

As productive beings, complacency is the worst trait known to man. There is always a need for improvement, a need for development, a need for progress. But where is the line drawn? What will we sacrifice? Our relationships? Our rationality? Through contemporary dance, choreographed by Billy Bell, and multimedia installation, watch and react as you discover tat down in the depths of your own mind, where you keep your darkest thoughts and personas, "You'll Never Be Alone."